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Australia & New Zealand


New Zealand

New Zealand


Unlike Europe & the US, Australia doesn't have any native grapes, to make wine. Grapevines had to be imported, this first occurred in 1788, when cuttings were brought from the Cape of Good Hope. 

New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand


Wine has in fact had a long, tortuous and fascinating history in New Zealand. Samuel Marsden, an Anglican missionary, made the first recorded planting of grapevines at the Bay of Islands in 1819




19 Crimes 2017 Australia   

Molly Dooker - The Boxer 2017 S. Australia   

Two Hands - Angels' Share 2015 McLarenvale   

MollyDooker- Blue Eyed Boy 2016 McLarenvale   

Molly Dooker - Carnival of   Love 2014 S. Australia   

Molly Dooker - Velvet Glove 2011 S. Australia   

Clarendon Hills - Australis 2003 Clarendon    

Red Blend

19 Crimes 2017 SE Australia   

MollyDooker- Two Left Feet 2017 S. Australia   

Molly Dooker - Enchanted Pathway 2009 S. Australia   

Molly Dooker - Enchanted Pathway 2011 S. Australia    

Cabernet Sauvignon

19   Crimes 2017 SE Australia   

Wolf Blass Reserve 2016 S. Australia  

Molly Dooker - The Maitre D 2014 S. Australia   

Molly Dooker - Gigglepot 2013 S. Australia    

New Zealand


Sauvignon Blanc

Saint Clair - Estate 2017 Marlborough  

Cloudy Bay 2019 Marlborough